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ModelBeds/BathsMedia RoomStaff QuartersLoft/Office1st Floor2nd FloorTotal A/C Sq. FtTotal Sq. FtGaragePriced From
M-14 Bed, 6.5 BathX4,2314,2317,7083 Car$1,960,900
M-24 Bed, 6 BathX5,0115,0118,1933 Car$2,025,900
M-34 Bed, 6.5 BathX3,0302,3635,3939,6633 Car$2,165,900
O-14 Bed, 6.5 BathXX1,9712,2174,1886,7353 Car$2,025,900
O2A5 Bed, 7.5 BathX4,9094,9097,2933 Car$2,065,900
O2B4 Bed, 6.5 BathX4,3524,3526,4812 Car$1,950,900
O3A5 Bed, 6.5 BathXX2,7242,5695,2937,5523 Car$2,145,900
03B5 Bed, 6.5 BathXX2,7242,5695,2937,5522 Car$2,125,900
O-45 Bed, 9.5 BathXXX3,0163,1716,1878,5573 Car$2,495,900
05A6 Bed, 8.5 BathXX3,9703,1687,1389,5024 Car$2,825,900
05B6 Bed, 8.5 BathXX3,9703,1687,1389,5022 Car + 2 Carport$2,800,900
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